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All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget.
John Berger

1. Chronological Slide Show
  Most slideshows have a theme, they are designed to celebrate days gone by.  I think the hardest part is selecting your favorite photographs, if you are anything like me you have photo albums, frames, boxes and drawers filled with photographs and old videos.  Organizing and selecting your favorite photographs will take a little time.  Sometimes it helps to use post-it notes and form categories; for example, if we are creating a Anniversary slideshow start with photographs of the Bride and Groom growing up, when they met, engagement, marriage, family and so on!  Each category in this slide show usually contains roughly ten to twenty photographs. Make a list of important people that should be included, this way you won't forget to include a photograph of them!   
Anniversary, Wedding, Tribute, Birthday, Bat/Bar Mitzvah
Random Slide Show
A lot of people love to feature photographs and clips randomly throughout the slideshow.  Often times the lyrics in the music dictate where a photograph will appear.  I am big on lyrics, and if you listen closely you will see how the photographs match the lyrics.
If you want to include quotes (funny things you child said)or dates remember to write them on a post-it note, attach it to the back of your photo. Separate your photographs with a sheet of paper if there is already writing on the back. Why? The ink that is on the back of a photo when stacked on top of another photo can often bleed through to the photo it is on top of, which will permanently damage the photo.
4. Music
The next task is selecting music. As I said earlier, I love lyrics.  When you couple photographs with great songs the result will take your breath away!  If you are planning a Birthday Slideshow consider the music they grew up listening to.  It's important to consider the music they like and listen to.  Someone celebrating a 60th Anniversary might have listened to Frank, Nat, Ella, and Glenn!  Celebrating a 60th Birthday might call for some John, Paul, George and Ringo! 
When Planning a Graduation slideshow...Your child might have definite likes and dislikes(if this is not a surprise), ask them for their input. If you are surprising your child with the slide show ask their siblings and friends what music they think you should use. You can also be sneaky and check out their Ipod to see what music they have in their favorites.
5. How Long Should My Slideshow Be...
Finally, decide on the length of the show. I have designed custom slideshows with 350 photographs, they only run 12-15 minutes. The photographs dance across the screen and at the end the show is designed to loop (continuously play.)
6. Pricing
Cost varies with each slideshow, dependent on the amount of photographs that need to be scanned, digital photos and number of songs that will accompany your slideshow. It is also very important to remember that the music needs to be purchased, as I have said before, we want our artist to keep writing and continue to record.
Phew...are you ready to get started? You can contact me for a free consultation and I will walk you through the process. 614.397.5950

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