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Preparing Your Graduation Slide Show


They have finally done it, or at least there is an end in sight. Graduation is just around the corner, so is the prom, parties, college visits, the list is endless.
Putting together a slide show to honor their special day can be a daunting task. As you sort through your piles of photographs that have amassed over the years you can't help but be overwhelmed with "how fast the time has gone." Seems like yesterday that they were doing the "Bambi" walk...toddling across the floor, grinning ear-to-ear.
Yes, the time does fly by. Now it's time to sort out your photographs and select your favorites to feature in their Slide Show, a celebration of their accomplishments. Where do you start?
Here are just a few of the memorable moments you might have captured with your camera and video camera: birth, first step, first toothless grin, tears at the barbers, fearful glance as they walked in to school for the first time, delight in their first Halloween parade, family vacations, sporting events, recitals, holidays, middle school and at last high school.
There are three types of slide shows I design:
1. Chronological Slide Show
This slide show show starts with photographs of their birth and ends with High School graduation. This talks a little bit of time to organize. Each category in this slide show usually contains roughly ten photographs. If your child has siblings I highly recommend that you include the same number of photos of each sibling. This is a good rule of thumb to use with grandparents (you don't want more of one side that the other), and siblings.
2. Random Slide Show
The random slide show might start with a photograph of the child as a baby and morph into their senior photo. Then throughout it will show them as a youngster and the next photo might be present day.
3. Event
The event slide show is broken down into categories, for example:
Each grouping of photos starts with a title page then leads into the photographs relating to the category.
Yes, preparing your slide show is a daunting task, but one that is well worth it. If you want to include quotes (funny things you child said)or dates remember to write them on a post-it note, attach it to the back of your photo. Separate your photographs with a sheet of paper if there is already writing on the back. Why? The ink that is on the back of a photo when stacked on top of another photo can often bleed through to the photo it is on top of, which will permanently damage the photo.
The next task is selecting music. Your child might have definite likes and dislikes(if this is not a surprise), ask them for their input. If you are surprising your child with the slide show ask their siblings and friends what music they think you should use. You can also be sneaky and check out their Ipod to see what music they have in their favorites.
Finally, decide on the length of the show. I have designed custom slide shows with 350 photographs, they only run 12-15 minutes. The photographs dance across the screen and at the end the show is designed to loop (continuously play), ideal when showing your slide show during the graduation party.
Cost varies with each slide show, dependent on the amount of photographs that need to be scanned, digital photos and number of songs that will accompany your slide show. It is also very important to remember that the music needs to be purchased, as I have said before, we want our artist to keep writing and continue to record.
Phew...are you ready to get started? You can contact me for a free consultation and I will walk you through the process.